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Hosted by cultural critics Ken Swain and Steve James  

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Sheldon Solomon


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Steve James

Co-host and Co-producer

Producer-director of the documentary series
“Conversations with Solomon.” 

He is a principal in the communications company Creative Factor Productions, a producer of communications media in the

New York area. Read More


Ken Swain

Co-host and Co-producer

co-host and co-producer, spent twenty years in high technology contracting.  He is instrumental in   founding and building three separate and successful businesses engaged in the design and installation of   sophisticated electronic systems. Read More


The Hub for Important Ideas is an award-winning podcast about the serious issues of our time, hosted by cultural critics Stephen James and Ken Swain.  They challenge conventional thinking about contemporary problems including Mental Health, Economic Inequality, the Environment, Bigotry, and War in intelligent conversations with thought leaders in various disciplines.  Drawing on the groundbreaking work of Ernest Becker, author of The Denial of Death, and the cutting edge research of Terror Management Theory, this podcast will enable you to think through urgent issues.

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Praise from our Listeners

I value the important work you do. . . your gift to the rest of us is appreciated.  –Dale

Listen and enjoy!  –Frank Basler

Your guests are amazing and the level of understanding is quite high. Thanks!  –Andrey Lebeuf

The issues are tough and the content is gritty, yet James and Swain have just the kind of interactive humor that keeps an interesting and lively discussion moving along at a pace that is challenging, educational and entertaining all in one package. 

–The Ernest Becker Foundation Newsletter

This is an important channel.  –Pawel Cyfert

Fascinating discussion. . . As usual with your podcasts, I found your wrap-up exceptionally cogent.   –Jack

Fantastic discussion.  Great insights   –Arjun Jagadeesh

Thank you for all the great work!  –Logo Bracciano

Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos!!!  –Luca

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